Sparky’s is an ice cream shop located in Downtown Columbia, MO. The founder and owner Scotty Southwick opened shop up in September of 2003. Scotty is a fiction writer, art collector, and Ice Cream shop owner (OBVIOUSLY). His staff is small, but they are mighty! They help make all of the ice cream. Sparky’s takes pride in not having many staff members but still doing their best to deliver quality ice cream. They sort of just check out what ingredients they have and what they feel like making that day!

Scotty Southwick, Owner

The Stuffed Animal Fridge

Sparky’s has an old broken refrigerator that pints of ice cream to take home used to go in. Now it is filled with stuffed animals rather than just getting it fixed or throwing it out. This adds to Sparky’s funny and all over the place business design. It provides customers with laughter and also a bit of confusion! Everything in Sparky’s seems a bit out of place, so this fits perfectly in that. You can still buy pints of ice cream, but they are freshly scooped now instead!